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Full-time and part-time positions are available. 

Famous is seeking full and part-time licensed tattoo artists.  We pride ourselves in our shop.  Features include, high ceiling private rooms, with stainless steel cabinets, large counters with hand washing sinks, quality seating for clients and artists, flat screen cable televisions, and full length mirrors.  There is a drawing room available at all times, furnished with a large multi-person light table, multiple wireless printers, thermo-fax, and comfortable seating.  We also provide, as well as maintain, a cleaning and sterilizing room stocked with leading disinfectants, high capacity ultrasonic, autoclave, and necessities. 

We provide:

  • Online scheduling with deposits available 24 hours a day for your clients

  • Client reception, paperwork, and payment processing

  • Fully stocked Sterilization Room

  • Private Tattoo rooms

  • Complete drawing room

  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of artist rooms

  • Marketing media, business cards, email, and photo editing


We strive for a welcoming environment for both our staff and our clientele, and are looking for professional tattoo artists with integrity, who take pride in where they perform their service. We are located on a high volume strip in Southwest Florida with a high volume of walk-in traffic.  Ideally you are an individual that is confident, well-spoken, neatly presented, with an eye for details.  You will need to be punctual, dependable, and consistent.  This position includes the ability to multitask clientele in a respectable manor.  3 years of in-shop tattoo experience is a prerequisite.   All tattooing is at the artists’ discretion and you will never be required to tattoo anything that goes against your better judgement.   We look forward to working along side you.

Artist provide:

  • Safe and sterile service techniques with clients

  • Service to daily walk in tattoo clientele

  • Client hospitality and fielding questions

  • Being a positive and friendly presence

  • Creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere

  • Other requirements available upon request

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