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Frequently asked questions

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What exactly is the deal with Emu Oil is it new?

Aboriginal people in Australia have used emu oil on wounds for centuries. Today it is used by massage therapists, dermatologists, other medical practitioners, and piercers, for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and wound-healing properties. 


How does Tattoo Therapy work on tattoos?

It has natural healing agents, anti-inflammatories and skin moisturizers blended together with deep penetrating properties.  Which acts like a healing accelerator.  Thus reducing the period in which the tattoo is healing.



Is Emu Oil good to use along with Tattoo Therapy on fresh tattoos?

Absolutely!  Using emu oil a few times a day along with Tattoo Therapy during the healing process will help keep the freshly tattooed area moist.  Reducing and eliminating the flaking and scabbing stage that often occurs.  Not to mention, much faster healing times.



How soon can you use Emu Oil and Tattoo Therapy on a tattoo?

It's best to start with emu oil for the first few days.  Then alternate to Tattoo Therapy.



Can I tell the difference when using Tattoo Therapy on fresh artwork?

Yes.  Tattoo Therapy naturally soothes the skin immediately upon application. It helps reduce redness and swelling, which in turn provides comfort in otherwise irritated skin.  So that fresh tattoo will look even better!



How easy is it to use Tattoo Therapy ?

Shake the bottle and a few times daily, apply a small amout to your skin with a clean or gloved finger...  And that's it!  Pretty easy, huh!?!

For the essential aftercare of healing, Tattoo Therapy along with the benefits of emu oil, has proved time and time again, to be a far superior aid when compared to many other products available on the market.  In history it's been known that the Aboriginal people of Australia have used this vital oil on wounds for centuries.  Today it's commonly used and recommended by many... 

Emu Oil Tattoo Therapy has natural healing agents, anti-inflammatories and skin moisturizers blended together with the deep penetrating properties of Emu Oil.  This amazing lotion creates a natural moisturizing barrier to help prevent skin from excessive drying and flaking, and yet still allows the skin to breathe during the healing process.  Not only is Emu oil ultra effective, in studies it was shown to penetrate all layers of the skin, providing rich nutriants that help the skin aid in new cell development!

  • For Tattoos & Body Piercing!

  • Anti-infammatories

  • Skin barrier protection

  • Soothes & reduces redness

  • Keliod blocking results

  • Moisturizing

Massage therapists, dermatologists, skin specialists, medical practitioners, body piercers, tattooers, and of course us.  It's anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and wound-healing properties give this product a 'must have' in everyone's medicine cabinet.


Ingredients:  Purified emu oil, 


Emu oil is a natural alternative to aftercare for piercing and tattoos. This particular Emu oil is refined using a non-chemical process to remove any impurities. It is fully refined and is suitable for pharmaceutical usage (not all emu oils are).  Even though it is an oil, it has been proven that emu oil does not clog pores, therefore allowing the skin to breath during the healing process (unlike most commercially made aftercare products that are petroleum based).


Studies have shown that emu oil penetrates through all layers of the skin and is rich in nutrients (essential fatty acids) that help the skin aid in new cell development during the healing process.   Emu oil  is also a natural emollient keeping the skin moist and pliable.


For Tattoos 
Apply emu oil immediately after new artwork has been cleaned to relieve the discomfort and reduce the inflammation and redness. Emu oil will help set the colors (due to its deep penetrating properties) and will help reduce plasma oozing. Using emu oil 2-3 times a day during the healing process will keep the area moist, reducing or eliminating the flaking and scabbing that often occurs. Note: apply emu oil only to clean skin.

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