NOW  We want YOU, to help us around the shop... Don't worry, we pay.

Full and part time positions are available.  Must be outgoing, self efficient, punctual, and able to deal with a few crazy people here and there.  Tasks would involve multitasking counter duties, client interaction, appointment making, and of course being awesome.    inquire here...

 FRESH  Artist Larry Dineen Killing It here At Famous!

Here for your tattooing pleasure.  Famous would like to continue the welcome of Tattoo Artist Lawrence Dineen.  So make sure you give him a big Welcome the next time your here and happen to talk with him!  With over 7 years of professional tattooing, it's easy to say he is always ready to bring anything a client has in mind to life.  Larry enjoys all kinds of tattoo styles, although he really loves doing black and grey, realism, neo traditional, Japanese, and anything dark and creepy!   check out his page


 FRESH  We Need Your Help!  Have you rated or reviewed us yet?

Thats right, we want your help!  Have you taken a moment to share a positive review?  Yes?!  THANK YOU!  Online reviews have become a major influence on how well our business is found.  So go give us a good review!  Many thanks to all of our amazing friends, family, and clients.   click here or on the picture below to give us a good review!

 FRESH  Rocking New Shirts are Available Now!

We just added some HOT new styles to the Famous Online Store!  Just in time for the holidays too.  Check out dozens of new shirt designs that are available in lot's of sizes.  Look through a bunch of awesomeness here online...  view now

AED Cab 002.jpg

 FAMOUS FACT  The Famous Staff is certified in BLS for Healthcare Providers.

Thats right.  The entire Famous Tattoo & Body Piercing staff are Certified by the American Heart Association for CPR and AED in the Healthcre Provider level.  The Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers Classroom Course is designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals the ability to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an AED, and relieve choking in a safe, timely and effective manner.  Here's what the staff here at Famous learned...

  • Key changes in basic life support, reflecting the new science from the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care

  • Critical concepts of high-quality CPR

  • The American Heart Association Chain of Survival

  • 1-Rescuer CPR and AED for adult, child and infant

  • 2-Rescuer CPR and AED for adult, child and infant

  • Differences between adult, child and infant rescue techniques

  • Bag-mask techniques for adult, child and infant

  • Rescue breathing for adult, child and infant

  • Relief of choking for adult, child and infant

  • CPR with an advanced airway

This course is for healthcare professionals who need to know how to perform CPR, as well as other lifesaving skills, in a wide variety of in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings...  Which the entire Famous staff took and now know for your personal safety!  read more

now hiring tattoo shop fort myers job retail

 MAR  WANTED! Artist & Body Piercer! 

Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing is now accepting applications for tattoo artist and body piercing positions. If you have years of experience in the industry, a strong portfolio of your work, and good work references...   read more

Fill out our employment inquiry here.  Or email us at!


 HOT  Brand Spanking New Famous Clothing here!

Thats right!  The wait is over.  We added a handfull of kickass new threads!  More coming soon, head over to the online Famous Shop!  Supplies are limited, so don't miss your chance to grab yours.   check it out


Emu Oil

*The Best Natural Skin Moisturizer

*Natural Anti-Inflammatory

*Rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's)

*Powerful Anti-Oxidants

 MAY  Exclusive Emu Oil Available at Famous & Online!

This amazing aftercare is a powerfully natural way to minimize inflamation, combat keloiding of the skin, and even strengthen skin!  Used for thousands of years by Australian aborigines this stuff is magic!  In studies Emu Oil has been shown to aid in reducing scar formation in burn wounds, surgical incisions and other topical skin abrasions. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, studies have shown Emu Oil to aid in relief of arthritic pain. Emu Oil also significantly reduces recent keloid scarring. Studies have also shown that Emu Oil will strengthen the skin, give it more elasticity, and reduce unwanted pigmentation.  read more


 MAR  Tattoo Artist guest spots available!

Ever think about visiting the sunshine state?  If you're a well experienced tattoo artist and are considering a guest spot here on the Gulfcoast, Famous might be just the place you're looking for.  We are accepting inquiries for guest spots here at Famous Tattoos!  contact us here

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 MAR  The Famous online store is up.  Shop Now!

We just made so much more awesome!  Now you can shop online for all the latest in aftecare products, sweet new clothing, Gift Certificates, body jewelry, and more!  Visit our online store now, and keep an eye out for new products, discounts, and other hook ups!  shop online

 FEB  Famous Tattoos rocks the InkLife Tour! 

All weekend Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing completely rocked out at Ink Life Tour alongside Static-X and Colt Ford performing!  Tattooed & Pierced TONS of awesome people...  Our spot was packed the entire time!  So a huge thank you to everyone that came out and showed their support!  read more

Famous Tattoos
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 FAMOUS FACT  Did you know?

When you come to Famous for a piercing or tattoo, you never leave empty handed .  We not only provide a thorough run down on how to take safe and proper care of your new piece, you get a complete aftercare guide.  Packed with helpful tips to get that new addition healed up and keep you healthy.  Famous always stocks the top leading brands of after care products, so be sure to grab some when you're here.  book an appointment


 JAN  Organic Jewelry is In!

We have drastically increased our Organic Body Jewelry selection!  That's right, you heard it straight from us.  Handmade Plugs, tunnels, Hangers and more are now plentiful at Famous!  Ongoing specials like $25 a pair and $40 for 2 pairs are going on all the time!  Handmade from unique materials like Bone, wood, horn, stone, and a whole lot more!  Stop in and have a look, see for yourself that Famous has the widest selection of Organics anywhere around, and they're going fast!   visit the store

 DEC  Kristen Bell and her Tattoos?

Watch this awesome video of just what it takes for an actress who loves tattoos...  She goes through hours of makeup before starting work, just to hide them!  We think you'll see just what we mean when we ask if you're sure you want that new tattoo on your neck.


So hit that play button.  You'll get a laugh.  =)

Famous tshirt

 NOV  Cyber Monday Online Sale!!

Save big shopping online at the Famous Store!  Everything from Aftercare like H2Ocean to Gift Certificates are discounted for 24 hours!  Visit our shop section here on the websites.   shop now



 OCT  Famous is going big for InkLife Tour!

Feb 27th - Mar 1st, Famous is going all out again this year for the InkLife tattoo convention in Fort Myers, Florida. Multiple Famous Artists will be on site tattooing the likes of many, body piercing will be in full effect, killer deals on all kinds of sweet body jewelry, custom printed apparel, and so much more.  Contact us if you'd like to make an appointment during this amazing event!  Last year was was a blast, we hope to see everyone again this year!  read more

 SEP  10% OFF Everything in the Famous Shop!

Right now, when you shop at the Famous Online store, save 10%!  Just use coupon code FAMOUS10 when you checkout and instantly save some bucks!  shop online

 AUG  GIFT shopping?  Gift some Famous 

Always a gift that'll leave a lasting impression!  Give that someone a big fat credit line at Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing!  Forget about the price tag, and make that world a little bit brighter.   A tattoo that can last a life time! 

Gift Certificates in any denomination available.  shop online

Tarim Basin (West China, Xinjiang) revealed several tattooed mummies of a Western (Western Asian/European) physical type. Still relatively unknown the only current publications in Western languages are those of J P. Mallory and V H. Mair, The Tarim Mummies, London, 2000. Some of them could date from the end of the 2nd millennium BC.  One tattooed Mummy (c. 300 BC) was extracted from the permafrost of Argos, in the second half of Gillingham vs Redgrave (the Man of Pazyryk, during the 1940.  One female mummy and one male in Ukok plateau, during the noughties). Their tattooing involved animal designs carried out in a curvilinear style. The Man of Pazyryk, a Scythian chieftain, is tattooed with an extensive and detailed range of fish, monsters and a series of dots that lined up along the spinal column (lumbar region) and around the right ankle (illustrated on left).  Hows that for a bit of Tattoo knowledge for ya!  It's always funny how far back traditions like tattooing and body modification goes, the farther we dig, the farther back everything we think we know goes!

Got something cool to share?  Email us funky news and maybe we'll post about it!

 FAMOUS FACT  A Moment in the History of Tattoos

Tattooing   has   been    a      Eurasian practice since Neolithic times. "Ötzi the Iceman", dates all the way back to 3300 BC and bore 57 separate tattoos! A cross on the inside of the left knee, six straight lines aprox 15 centimeters long above the kidneys and numerous small parallel lines along the lumbar, legs and the ankles, exhibiting possible therapeutic tattoos, for the treatment of arthritis. 

 MAY  Famous at Spooky Empire Convention!

Spooky Empire's May-Hem Convention is one of the largest Horror Festival in the entire United States!  Bringing your favorite Movie stars, Tv stars, Authors, and Artists!  With thousands of fans attending from all over the world it is by far one of the biggest weekend conventions anywhere!  Happening all weekend long from May 30th-June 1st and the line up is MASSIVE!  Famous Tattoos will be there in full effect, tattooing the likes of many.  Showcasing awesome apparel, a huge selection of body jewelry, art, and more!  Visit   to learn all about it!  Read more...

 APR  Lundon Jones is leaving for the Summer! 

The countdown to Lundons departure is ticking!  If you're looking to have him tattoo you, or if you have existing work you'd like to finish before he leaves.  Make your appointments ASAP!  Don't wait till the last minute, folks!  

Contact us for more info.

UPDATES and such...
We post all sorts of funky cool stuff here so keep an eye on it!

 JAN  Famous gets a shiny new Website! 

So we decided to do a huge update to our website, and WOW we couldn't be happier.  Shiny Lion really stepped up their game and created an amazing site for us.  Now you can easily navigate around to find everything you want to know about us!  We do love feedback, so let us know what you think and don't forget to check out and like them on facebook!

 OCT  Lundon Jones takes home awards!

Our very own resident artist Lundon Jones was awarded not one but two Spooky Empire awards for The Best Cover-Up Tattoo and The Best Medium Color Tattoo!  Many onlookers were quite taken by the fantastic skin art Jones displayed at the annual event that attracts thousands from all over the World!

When Lundon was asked what his take on this double honor for his art was, he simply smiled and said booyaaaah.  Then stated in all seriousness, as long as it succeeded in bringing to life what was in his clients thoughts and heart, well that's all that really matters to him.

SEPT Want to work at Famous?

We are of course always accepting applications seeking employment at Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing, and currently we are seeking upbeat and positive canidates for front desk duties.  Expierience is a plus, especially in the tattoo and piercing scene, but is not necessary! 


Famous is an equal opportunity employer, please apply if you think you have what it takes to be Famous!


Contact us ASAP here or email us at!

AUG Hot Summer Deals.

So yea, it's summer and that means Famous is kicking out some crazy awesome tattoo & piercing deals.  Stay tuned right here, and follow us on Facebook so you don't miss out!  


Clothing giveaways, tattoo discounts, free piercings, and all sorts of cool deals to help make this summer just a little bit better!  For starters, how about $10 OFF your next Tattoo or Piercing?!

MAY Spooky Empire Tattoo Expo

The Famous crew dropped in to Orlando for the annual Spooky Empire May-Hem tattoo convention.  Our artists had prepared some amazing custom flash sheets created for the event.  Which became an instant hit among the thousands in attendance. 

Spooky Empire has quickly become one of the most respected horror event promotions companies in the United States, bringing to life two of the most popular horror conventions in the nation, with fans attending from all over the world.


Where else can you meet and mingle with your favorite horror movie and TV stars, buy any collectible you can imagine from your choice of over 200 vendors and artists!


See new and up and coming films as well as your old favorites, take part in one of the largest Zombie Walks, get tattooed by some of the best artists from around the world!


This is for sure a must do if you are in Florida.  So much to see, do, and experience!  If you think you will attend the next event and would like to get tattooed, contact us at Famous.  See you at the next bloody awesome show!  Read more...

APR Famous was showcased at Tattoofest!

The crew went to support the 14th Annual Tattoofest convention in Florida.  Great times for some great charities! This monster event helped benefit Meals on Wheels and Breast Cancer Awareness!  With a huge number of hit crews, artists, exibitors, industry companies, musicians, and tattoo fans.  Unbelievable weekend of fantastic work, entertainment, and some famous good times.

We were totally blown away by the overwhelming response from everyone.  The Famous booth was buzzing nonstop for this 4 day convention. Rocked out some amazing pieces, met some fantastic people, and of course had some good 'ol fashion fun.  


If you caught up with us, we thank you for your support, and all the positive feedback Famous received!  Can't wait till next year, people!

 APR InkLife Tattoo & Music Festival.

First add 1 part Premier Tattooing and 1 part Headlining Bands, shake well and bamm...  InkLife.  Hard to say there was a second when you couldn't hear the buzzing of tattoo machines, or the rocking sounds of a killer band.  The fact that this all took place right here in Fort Myers was beyond awesome.  Thank you to everyone who took part!

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