Here at Famous, we strive to excel in our knowledge on the latest trends in the body piercing scene.  If it's hot, we know all about it. Our certified piercers stay up to date in the safest and most proper piercing procedures.  In each and every piercing, we always use the highest quality jewelry available, this ensures a good fit with minimal irratation for a faster heal time.  An extensive aftercare instruction guide is given and explained, so that you fully understand the importance of caring for your new piercing.

Setting the Standard




   Male & Female Body Piercers

    State, County, & City Licensed

         Bloodborne Pathogen Certified

               Safe Body Piercing Certified

            C.P.R. Trained & Certified

         Seriously Awesome People

Safe & Professional



Tongue, Tongue Web, Lip, Snakebites, Monroe, Medusa, Labret, Vertical Labret, Lowbret, Ashley, Jestrum, Smiley, Frowney, Cheek


Nose, Eyebrow, Anti-eyebrow, Horizontal Eyebrow Bridge, Vertical bridge, Septum, Surface, Dermal Anchor, Micro-Dermal Anchor


Earlobe, Cartillage, Inner Conch, Outer Conch  Helix, Anti-helix, Forward helix, Tragus, Anti-tragus, Industrial, Daith, Rook


Navel, Inverse navel, Nipple, Madison, Nape, Surface, Dermal Anchor, Dimples, Below the waist

If you are at least 18 years of age or older, you must have identification, as in a valid Government photo I.D., Like a Drivers License, Military I.D., or up-to-date Passport.

In order for us to legally pierce YOU...
OVER 18?
In order for us to legally pierce a minor...

The minor must have identification, as in a valid Government issued photo ID, school ID, Social Security card, or Certified copy of their Birth Certificate.


The minor is required to be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. The parent/legal guardian must have a valid Government issued photo ID.


The minor piercing consent form must have the notorized signature of the parent/legal guardian accompanying the minor.  


There are absolutely no acceptions in the above stated requirements.  These are actual Laws to protect minors. Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing will not break them for anyone.  If you are under the age of 18, you are lawfully disqualified from recieving tongue, nipples, and genital piercings of any kind.  As well as any piercing services that Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing may deem distasteful.  Feel free to contact us with any questions concerning this matter.

The Florida Legislature passed section 381.0075, Florida Statutes (F.S.) , providing guidance for operation of the body-piercing industry.  Chapter 64E-19, Florida Administrative Code [F.A.C.] (40kb PDF) contains the rules that were written to implement the statute.  Feel free to review the info!

So you Want to get pierced?
Looking for High Quality Body Jewelry?

Famous has an insane selection of Body Jewelry at all times. Navel, nipple, ear, tongue, dermals, you name the piercing and we've got something fresh for you!  Tons of shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and materials to choose from.  Surgical Steel, Gold, Titanium, Blackline, Acrylic, PTFE, Teflon, Organics, bone, horn, stone, wood, and more!  Stop in and check it all out.  Open everyday!

The enzymes in H2Ocean’s formula attacks the cell walls of bad bacteria and continues fighting off that bacteria for up to 4-5 hours after applying!  The natural sea salt, which contains essential minerals, goes to work feeding your body what it needs to nourish cells and increase cell regeneration.  H2Ocean is the only aftercare formula that contains an antibacterial enzyme and healing agent and is in a sterile easy to use package!  


Dermatologist tested so you can apply with the utmost Confidence.  Available Now at Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing.

Piercing Aftercare Products
Body Piercing Aftercare Guide

Would you like to download the Aftercare Guide?


•NAVEL- A hard, vented eye patch can be taped over the navel to protect from excessive irritation and impact.

•EAR AND FACIAL- Cover your pillow in a clean t-shirt and turn it nightly. Disinfect surfaces of phones, headphones and anything that might contact the piercing. Use caution when styling your hair.

•NIPPLES- The support of a tight cotton shirt or sports bra may provide protection and comfort.

•GENITAL- Use caution engaging in sexual activity. Comfort & Hygiene are vital.  Use clean, disposable barriers on sex toys and always clean your piercing and do an additional H2Ocean® soak afterwards.



•Cleaning with anything other then the recomended products outlined in this guideline. 

•All ointments. They block and prevent air circulation!  Do not apply any!

•Over-cleaning. This irritates the fresh piercing and can prolong the healing.

•Others’ bodily fluids around the piercing.  Seriously, think bacteria overload!

•Swimming in unhygenic bodies of water.  Or, you can protect your piercing with a waterproof bandage.

•Beauty products on and around the piercing.  This can irritate the piercing.

•Hanging charms from the piercing, until of course it is fully healed.



• A fragrance-free liquid anti-microbial or germicidal soap.  

               Like Satin®, Provon® or Dial®

• H2Ocean® sterile sea salt spray



•WASH your hands with anti-microbial or germicidal soap prior to touching the piercing for any reason.

•SPRAY with H2Ocean® and soak for 3-5 minutes.

•SOAP no more than once or twice a day. While showering, lather up a pearl size drop of the soap to clean the jewelry and the piercing.

•RINSE thoroughly to remove all traces of soap.

•DRY by gently patting with disposable paper products. Cloth towels can harbor bacteria and snag on jewelry, causing injury.



•Initially: some bleeding, localized swelling, tenderness and bruising.  

•During healing: some discoloration, itching, secretion of a whitish-yellow fluid (this is not pus) that will form layers of a crust like scabbing on the jewelry.  Just make sure you gently wash this area!

•After healed: Keep jewelry in at all times.  If you need to hide it, Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing offers clear unnoticeable retainers.



•Stay healthy, eat healthy, and you will heal faster.

•Make sure your bedding is always clean.

•Wear clean and breathable clothing.

•Take showers, bath tubs tend to harbor  bacteria.

Oral Piercing Aftercare Guide


GOOD ORAL HYGIENE: Brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash after every meal. Use a new soft-bristled toothbrush, keep it clean and store it in a clean area.  Stay healthy, eat healthy and you’ll heal faster.


The addition of Emu Oil is extremely benificial to your bodys healing process.  A good time applying it would be after showering or cleaning the piercing.



Once the swelling has subsided, it is vital to replace the original, longer jewelry with a shorter post to avoid intra-oral damage. Because this necessary jewelry change often occurs during healing, it should be done at Famous Tattoos & Body Piercing by a certified piercer.



Eat carefully, small bites at a time. For tongue piercing, try to keep your tongue level in your mouth, your tongue tends to turn to help chew. For labret/cheek/lip piercings: be cautious about opening your mouth too wide, the jewelry can catch on your teeth.



•Eating hot, spicy & acidic foods & beverages.

•Excessive talking/playing with it during healing.

•Chewing on tobacco, gum, fingernails & other 

 foreign objects that could harbor bacteria.

•Sharing plates, cups, & eating utensils with others.

•Smoking! It increases risks & prolongs healing time.

•Submerging healing piercings in unhygenic bodies of      water such as lakes, rivers & etc.



For the inside the mouth:

• Antimicrobial/antibacterial alcohol-free or diluted 50/50 mouth rinse

• H2Ocean® sterile sea salt spray

For the outside of the mouth:

• Liquid anti-microbial or germicidal soap like Satin®, Provon® or Dial®

• H2Ocean® sterile sea salt spray

• Emu Oil


All oral piercings require you to rinse your mouth each and everytime you eat or drink anything other then water.  Keep a container of alcohol free or a diluted 50/50 mouthwash with you at all times during the first 3-6 weeks.



•WASH your hands with anti-microbial or germicidal soap prior to touching your piercing for any reason.

•SPRAY and soak with H2Ocean® 3-5 times daily.

•SOAP no more than 1-2 times daily.  Lather 

up a pearl size drop of soap and apply to the piercing. 

•RINSE thoroughly to remove all traces of the soap.

•DRY by gently patting with disposable paper products. Cloth towels harbor bacteria and snag on jewelry, causing injury.


•Allow small pieces of ice to dissolve in the mouth.

•Don’t speak or move the jewelry more than necessary.

•Sleep with your head elevated above your heart during the first few nights.


•Initially: swelling, mild bleeding, bruising & tenderness.  

•During healing: tenderness, light secretion of a whitish yellow fluid (note that this is not pus).  

•After it’s healed: keep jewelry in at all times. If you need to hide it for any reason, Famous Tattoos offers clear retainers.

Would you like to download the Aftercare Guide?

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