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Vick Fiore is an artist willing and able to do just about anything you could possibly imagine.  Which is something you just don't see everywhere you go.  He is nothing shy of a Mad Scientist when it comes to creating astounding art within moments, right before your very eyes.  Vick will blow you away with his talent of pulling ideas you have merely floating around in your mind and giving them life you can actually see.  He is very well known for his fantastic ability with unique Cover-ups...  So if you have something you want to hide, something others have said was impossible, just ask Vick!  Currenlty a resident artist here at Famous Tattoos and is available for appointments.  So check out some of his work below.

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If you would like to secure an appointment or would like a drawing done by this Artist, Famous just made it that much easier!  All you have to do is just select accordingly below!  Make sure you check out completely!

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